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Designer Cabinet by Maysam Al Nasser


  • Design by Maysam Al Nasser

  • Limited Edition of 8 units + 2 Artist proofs + 2 Prototypes.
    Lacquered white matte MDF containers with three drawers,  all internally laminated in teak wood. Solid teak wood engraving.

  • 200 x 50 x 67 h. cm — 79 x 20 x 26 h. in





BD Art – Postcraft

A unique cross cultural collection that fuses East and West highlighting the creativity of each and bringing together 5 creative talents from the Middle East with the craftsmanship and expertise of BD Barcelona. An exploration of culture and heritage that reflects the rapidly changing world around us, it re-imagines regional, artisanal, skills and traditions through a contemporary lens. Conceived in collaboration with Syrian-Spanish architect and Creative Dialogue founder Samer Yamani, the PostCraft collection features work by Sheikha Hind Bint Majid Al Qassimi, Maysam Al Nasser, Loulwa Al-Radwan, Aisha Al Sowaidi, and the Gazzaz Brothers, a diverse group of talents from four countries in the Gulf, including the UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Bahrain and from several disciplines including art, architecture and interiors.

PostCraft is a collection that builds cultural bridges, inviting us to broaden our view of the world, to look beyond the borders of Europe and the West and to consider that art and creativity can create new and important dialogues that benefit us all.

Available Pieces

Dalí Black Label

Leda Low Table | Black Label


Muletas Lamp | Black Label


Cajones Lamp | Black Label


Leda Armchair | Black Label


Bracelli Lamp | Black Label


Vis-à-vis de Gala | Black Label


Art Edtions

Muletas Lamp


Cajones Lamp


Leda Armchair


Bracelli Lamp


Invisible Personage


Portlligat Sunbed




Talisman Cabinet


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